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Cold War - 1951, USA: Historical Documentary: The Big Lie R1 of 2.

Reel Number: 300341-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1951,1950s

Country: Bulgaria,Germany,North Korea,Poland,Romania,Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow,Nuremberg

TC Begins: 01:00:11

TC Ends: 01:09:33

Duration: 00:09:22

Cold War Documentary, 1950s - USA: Communism Spreads Across Europe Title. 01:00:22 Montage: Animation, broadcast antenna w/ Swastika. CUs Hitler; Mussolini; Japanese calligraphy. MCU Stalin, VO “The big lie lives!” Hammer & Cycle; Molotov; Gromyko; unid. two others. 01:01:03 Hitler on Nuremberg reviewing stand, CUs; Stalin reviewing parades in Red Square. 01:01:51 German slave labor digging canal ; tunnel, constructing railroad tracks under guard. Soviet prisoners doing similar. 01:02:21 German Nazi elections, voting. Counting ballots (staged). Soviet elections. Nazi trial of Hitler assassination attempt. Soviet trial in Russian (real?). 01:03:36 Nazi Youth marching under 1935 arch; Nazi soldiers & sailors march. 01:04:25 Red Square, Soviet men & women youth marching; soldiers march. Animated dropping of iron curtain dividing Europe on map. 01:05:43 “Slave World” w/ winter, factory workers; bread shoppers; rural village; poverty. Animation map of USSR expansion west & east. 01:07:00 Montage: LS Moscow Kremlin; railroad station arrival of Bulgarian General Secretary Dimitrov & signing agreement; Poland, President Bierut & ? w/ Stalin; Romania, Petru Groza . 01:08:07 Arrival of Kim Il Sung & others greeted & meeting w/ USSR leaders to sign agreement. 01:08:39 Chinese sign military agreement. CU Mao posing w/ Stalin. 01:09:09 Animated map of Europe w/ USSR influence; Polish communist parade of civilians. Post-WW2 Spread of Communism; US Anti-Communist Propaganda; Puppet Regimes;

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