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Guatemala - Demonstration, 1944 Anti-Communist Revolutionaries

Reel Number: 220554-14

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Guatemala

Location: Guatemala City

TC Begins: 01:04:15

TC Ends: 01:11:39

Duration: 00:07:24

Guatemala - Demonstration, 1944 (?) Anti-Communist Revolutionaries Large civilian street demonstration w/ placards calling for Justice, Liberty & Equalilty. Presidential palace w/ Pres. Juan Jose Arevalo & other VIPs watching from balcony. 01:04:43 Women & men w/ union & guild banners. 01:04:48 Slug 01:04:53 Left wing demonstrations w/ banner re We Are Not Communists We Are Authentic Revolutionaries. Speaker; marchers & crowd in front of church / cathedral. Crowd singing, marching w/ banners. People watching. 01:06:03 Slug 01:06:10 Women & girls marching w/ shawls. Men watching camera, waving to camera. Group outside government buildings. 01:06:58 Slug 01:07:03 Machers w/ large banner: PUA Partido Unification and Anti-Communist. Civilians in suits marching; bands walking. 1944 on banner. Indians marching. Poster of Stalin calling him the god of Atheists. 01:08:16 Slug 01:08:22 High angle shot of people & banners marching around square as people line sidewalk. View of VIPs in business suits lining balcony. Bicycles, floats, food stands (brief). 01:09:08 Slug 01:09:15 Across heads of people watching, shot from on top of car? Pan of crowd. Marchers singing. Signs for democracy, against communism. No more deportations. Men marching & clapping. WWII Central America; Patriotism;

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