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Korean War - 1950, Korea: Reds Given Choice Of Surrender Or Defeat ca 10Oct50

Reel Number: 250089-20

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1950

Country: Korea,USA


TC Begins: 09:17:14

TC Ends: 09:19:31

Duration: 00:02:17

Title. 09:17:20 Military band playing on dock. Walking wounded assisted down gangway; injured carried on stretcher w/ cone shaped party hat. Long line of military ambulances waiting before ship. Stretchers loaded aboard ambulance & leaving. Swish pan... 09:17:57 United Nations General Assembly meeting; MCU Vishinsky voting. Swish pan 09:18:15 Line of Korean refugees w/ oxen & carts along railroad; boarding freight cars. & climbing on top. 09:18:31 Tank crossing railroad tracks. CU sign: Gumczon? GI walking to large house, inspecting inside w/ small North Korean flags or banners above pictures of Stalin & Kim Il-Sung. CUs of pictures. 09:18:47 Korean pulls man from group, kicks & beats him as others watch. Cus. 09:19:07 Overhead shot of bodies in trench - atrocity. Tilt up showing many. MCU hands tied behind backs. People searching bodies, children & women crying. Korean War; Oct50; Fighting; Recapture; Horrors of War; Atrocities;

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