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May Day Parade, Budapest

Reel Number: 221084-10

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1950s

Country: Hungary

Location: Budapest

TC Begins: 10:01:21

TC Ends: 10:10:08

Duration: 00:08:47

May Day Parade, Budapest Documentary directed by Miklos Jancso title missing from opening credits. Good colour. Nature scenes - CUs blossom trees, flowers. High pan across industrial landscape of factories & chimneys. Women in traditional dress picking flowers in meadow. Rural village - traditional dancing & costumes. 10:03:34 High shot Budapest. Troops march around statue. Small group of soldiers & civilians walk arm in arm down street w/ Hungarian / Soviet flags & accordion. People on streets in traditional dress dancing & singing. Hungarian officials greet Soviets. Hungarian kids greet Korean / Chinese kids visiting for parade. Portraits of Stalin, Lenin & Gheorghiu-dej? seen in crowds. 10:04:48 Drummer w/ red flag - men marching w/ red flags - high shots parade proceeds across bridge in Budapest - many red flags. Women & girls in parade. Large flag w/ image of Marx, Engels, Lenin & Stalin unfurled as trumpeters play. 10:05:42 Top shots main parade w/ red flags & portraits of Lenin & Stalin - marchers wearing white - kids w/ trumpets & drums. Parade converges on huge square in front of war memorial? Matyas Rakosi waves from decorated balcony / podium. More cheering crowd shots - men, women & children waving red handkershiefs, banners & flags - portraits of Rakosi, Lenin etc. & Communist Party insignia. CUs marchers singing. 10:07:51 Rakosi smiling, waving & clapping. Girls in red pinafore dresses wave up to him. Unid. VIPs in sunglasses on podium. Chinese delegation waving & smiling from balcony. CU Chinese man marching & chanting “Rakosi - Stalin - Rakosi - Stalin”. More shots Rakosi on podium. More shots banners & portraits through crowd & workers marching. 10:09:34 Good shots little girl on father’s shoulders waving handkerchief & singing. Little boy on father’s shoulders looking bemused then father encourages him, he waves his arm & shouts. Banners depicting industrial output statistics & Communist dogma. Wide shot of crowded square. Post-WWII Hungary. USSR. Communism. Propaganda. 1950s.

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