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Port of Five Seas Part 2

Reel Number: 221056-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1930s

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: BELOMOR,karelia region

TC Begins: 10:06:23

TC Ends: 10:15:58

Duration: 00:09:35

Port of Five Seas Part 2 Wooden sides of canal constructed. Stone dykes. Flooding of railway & villages to make way for canal. Snow scenes - hampering construction work. Forced labour in the snow - artificial heating melting snow. Hard labour. Last lock finished. 10:10:40 Barrier blown up releasing flood waters - explosions - VS completed locks, dams & canals of Baltic-White Sea waterway. 10:12:06 Government meeting. Workers / prisoners at the completion of canal freed. Celebrations - dancing - band playing. Canal with boats transporting lumber etc. 10:14:07 Stalin visits canal. Map showing travel distance saved by new canal. Stalin on riverboat. Animated map showing proposed access to five seas from Moscow by 1936. Communism. USSR. (Belomor - aka White Sea Canal, or Baltic Canal)

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