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Post-WWII - 1948, North Korea: Pyongyang Hospital & University Construction; Constitution Presented

Reel Number: 221770-10

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1948,1940s

Country: DpRK,North Korea

Location: Pyongyang

TC Begins: 01:22:08

TC Ends: 01:29:54

Duration: 00:07:46

NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk Post-WWII - 1948, North Korea: Pyongyang Hospital & University Construction; Constitution Presented Workers carry bouquets; high angle / HA Buses & people in streets in Pyongyang. 01:22:23 Officials touring construction of Central Hospital in Pyongyang; descend scaffolding. Pan over complex; MCU visitors past camera & LS climbing scaffolding. Guide gesturing. 01:22:50 MCU North Koreans listening, taking notes in books. 01:23:03 Sign on entrance post. High power lines, tilt down to visitors entering & touring large Pyongyang chemical factory. LS Traffic & people crossing Da-Dong bridge in Pyongyang. 01:23:34 Athletes onto field in Kirim-Ri aka Kim Il-Sung Stadium. Spectators watch / applaud; soccer match. Gymnastics; parachutist landing; athletes march in display. Korean & Japanese (?) watch. 01:24:31 Worker finishing carving on building; people past large buildings under construction at Kim Il-Sung #1 University in Pyongyang. LS & MS of building w/ Russian flag & pictures of Stalin & Kim. Tilt down to people entering & many buses parked 01:25:00 Montage: sign, interior w/ visitors looking at classrooms w/ children; watch dance performance on stage & North Korean leading large glee club / chorus. 01:25:40 Title ?? Interior of Moranpong theater w/ many wreaths on stands; empty stage w/ flags & seats where Korean assembly meets. Ext. Refreshment stands & souvenir shops, CUs. People pretend to shop. 01:26:11 Motorcade up road towards camera w/ Kim Il Sung out of limousine (American Packard); shaking hands & people entering building, taking seats. CU Vacant seats marked for South Korean representatives; men & women enter hall & seated, listening. 01:27:32 Ext. MS Kim Il-Sung walking toward theater w/ Kim Du Bong & staff entering theater, delegates stand & applaud. VIPs take seats. 01:28:15 Speakers at microphone: Hu Hun, You Chai Hung, Kim Chaek & Kim Du Bong reporting on the Constitution. Assembly applauding the speakers. Post-WW2; Industry; Communist; Communism; DPRK; ca 09Sep48; Independence; Founding; NOTE: Entire or portion sold at per reel rate.

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