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Post-WWII - 1949, USSR Newsreel: Estonia Graduation; Tractor Factory; Harvests; Mining; Cold War

Reel Number: 221075-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1949,1940s,1950s

Country: Austria,Czechoslovakia,Estonia,Lithuania,Russia,Tajikistan,USSR

Location: Moscow,Siberia,Tallin,Wiener Neustadt

TC Begins: 06:36:55

TC Ends: 06:43:46

Duration: 00:06:51

Post-WWII - 1949, USSR Newsreel: Estonia Graduation; Tractor Factory; Harvests; Mining; Cold War Tallin, Estonia graduation ceremony, students / girls in long white dresses on one side of room & boys in dark suits on other; MCU receive certificates & handshake. Some get pins; parents applaud. Speaker, MOS, says to “build Communism”. 06:37:54 Intertitle (Cyrillic) Moscow - Electro-Tractor factory. Tractors driven by workers out of gates & along Moscow street. Workers applauding watch plowing demonstration. Presentation of bread & salt; women present flowers 06:38:56 Intertitle (Cyrillic) Grain harvest in Lithuania. CU heads / stalks of wheat - elderly man w/ medals inspects crop. Farmers walking to field. Combine past 06:39:36 Intertitle (Cyrillic) Men riding combines harvesting wheat crop in Tajikistan. CU men & women tieing grain & at threshing machine. CU grain piling & hand inspecting. Workers in trucks w/ pictures of Stalin to houses. Men on horses, pan group & trucks; all applauding. 06:40:42 Intertitle (Cyrillic) Georgia. Tobacco harvest w/ women picking leaves, LS & CUs; gathering & hanging to dry on wooden frames / racks. 06:41:25 Intertitle (Cyrillic) Northern Siberia - Chukotka natives domesticate & breed reindeer herd; reading newspapers. Skin hut; training young reindeer pulling sled across snow. 06:42:09 Intertitle (Cyrillic) Czechoslovakia. Workers building large chimney & digging ??. Constructing large factory buildings. Stockpiling coal from conveyor & bucket. Zhukovskian coal miners leaving building; rolling coal wagon w/ sign on side celebrating tonnage. Miners congratulated on delivery of symbolic wagon of coal. 06:43:14 Communist party parade thru streets in Wiener Neustadt, Austria; square filled & speaker at microphone speaking (MOS) & gesturing to crowd. Applause & cheering at demonstration against the Marshall Plan & high prices. 06:43:43 The End. Education; Communism; Farming / Agriculture Heavy Industry; 1940s; Post-WW2; 1950s; NOTE: Sold at per reel rate. If time allows & requested will re-order complete reel.

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