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Post-WWII - 1950, Germany: Helmstedt, Lower Saxony (Kleine Stadt - Grosses Leben) R2 of 2

Reel Number: 221365-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1950,1950s

Country: Germany,United Kingdom

Location: British Sector,Helmstedt,Lower Saxony,Soviet Sector

TC Begins: 02:20:49

TC Ends: 02:27:07

Duration: 00:06:18

Post-WWII - 1950, Germany: Helmstedt, Lower Saxony R2 of 2 Building w/ Helmstedt painted on corrugated metal. Sign: Berlin Autobahn Control Unit. High angle shot of buses & cars, some people, outside various buildings Man carrying & selling newspapers; CU selling cigarette packs & souvenirs. Unloading suitcases onto wagon. People crowding into building & interior opening bags for customs. Woman tightening straps tightly on bag. 02:21:25 Outside & people pulling carts of bags across no-man’s land. Signs & Express cafe. Int. & woman putting 33rpm LP (?) w/ Odeon label onto phonograph. People eating sausages, drinking beer, coffee. Men sitting at table. 02:22:16 Soviet flag flying on pole. Soldier w/ rifle at border checkpoint. LS trucks backed up at inspection point. People walking, standing. Row of cars passing the standing trucks. People waiting in trucks. Truck of sides of beef hanging, back door closed. Load of wilted vegetables. Trucks passing. Trucker w/ soldiers inspecting load. Papers stamped. POV past standing line of trucks. 02:23:56 Border patrolled by soldiers w/ rifles. Crowd of people on other side in woods waiting. Woman points group away from fence. Walking thru woods. Soldier patrolling. Soldier checking papers of women & others in group. 02:25:19 People move away from camera. Walk past sign; Russian Zone. Groups going both ways. Cu men smoking cigarettes in trees; people crossing wooden bridge on small road, truck past. Sheep herded along road. 02:26:08 POV past line of trucks; people walking on autobahn. Montage of faces, railroad platform, newspapers, telephone, airplanes; man speaking. Truman, Attlee & Stalin. Pan over Helmsted. The End. Post-WW2I Germany; Allied / American Cold War Propaganda; Families; Anti-Communist; Divisions; Refugees Escaping;

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