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Post-WWII - 1950, Yugoslavia: An Independent People (Foreign Aid) R1 of 2

Reel Number: 250081-16

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1950

Country: Romania,USA,USSR,Yugoslavia


TC Begins: 16:58:36

TC Ends: 17:08:07

Duration: 00:09:31

Post-WWII - 1950, Yugoslavia: US Foreign Aid R1 of 2 Titles. 16:58:58 Russian medium tank T-34 cross countryside; POV from inside over barbed wire across fields w/ infantry troops jumping off w/ rifles & running forward. Tanks firing. Troops thru barbed, firing flame-throwers. 16:59:55 Marshall Tito in uniform w/ officers watching maneuvers; on speakers platform in city. 17:00:11 Int. Audience listening, Tito at lectern w/ microphones speaking; listeners. Stage w/ VIPS applauding & behind pictures of Soviet bloc leaders w/ Stalin in center. 17:00:23 C-47 type plane arriving & Vishinsky getting off; Romanian Foreign Minister Ana Pauker w/ flowers walking from air strip w/ ?? and shaking hands, visiting Yugoslavia. 17:00:52 Construction workers / laborers building tunnel, laying railroad tracks. Train past. Agriculture w/ oxen pulling plow; horses pulling planter; women shoveling, herding cattle thru village street. Interior of milk barn on cooperative farm. High angle of wagons w/ grain sacks carried in; large grain elevators. 17:02:16 Large scale construction; concrete poured, large cranes, CU workers. Woman w. bread loaves. Tito speaking outdoors. Vishinsky speaking angrily at United Nations, walks off to seat. 17:03:28 Animated diagram w/ wall around eastern Europe including Yugoslavia. 17:03:38 Partially completed large concrete complex, construction stopped. Dried up crops in drought, hands w/ tried soil, plowing, small kids. Men sitting talking & eating on sidewalk. 17:04:22 Oct50 Ext. of US Embassy w/ CU of insignia, Ambassador George V. Allen leaves in official car. Int. into room & greeted by Tito, others introduced. Tito & Allen sit down at desk & sign aid agreement. 17:05:11 Large crane unloading bags from ship; men stacking in warehouse. Diagram of unloading via Salonica / Thessalonika. HA of Salonica harbor. Ship unloading cargo, railroad freight train leaving. 17:06:00 Border railroad station between Greece & Yugoslavia, men & boys watching & train doors open. 17:06:16 George Allen & assistants around conference table, looking at map; jeep down road, American men in topcoats out checking on small village, villagers smiling & talking (MOS). Walk down rocky village hillside streets. 17:07:19 Shake hands & sit down w/ Mayor under picture of Tito, talking & going over papers. Checking on weighing flower & baker getting ration coupons, at cash register Post-WW2 Marshall Plan; Mutual Security Agency; Cold War; Foreign Aid; Economy; Economics; Propaganda;

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