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Post-WWII, 1947 - Russian Daily Life, F

Reel Number: 250021-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1947

Country: Russia,USSR


TC Begins: 16:24:05

TC Ends: 16:30:59

Duration: 00:06:54

Post-WWII, 1947 - Russian Daily Life People in line at newspaper kiosk along street w/ Soviet portraits on stone building. MCU. 16:24:22 Int. w/ men & women standing at table, women seated, large map on wall behind. MS CU of ?? CU of men & women in heavy leather & cloth coats getting ?? Into voting booth; putting ballot in box in front of large poster / painting of Stalin. 16:25:29 CU wax seal on ballot box. Kids skating on ice covered stream or canal past men laying on ice fishing. 16:25:51 Snowy yard w/ men, horses & wagons. Men moving large bull & other cattle across snow. Women at well beside water trough. Horses pulling hay wagons /sledges w/ village behind. 16:26:38 Woman feeding chickens beside house in snow. LS people into house. 16:27:01 Civil servant interviewing man / farmer. CUs; others beneath pictures / posters on wall. Woman talking to man w/ large ledger book & abacus. 16:27:48 Bulldozer into garage; interior & men working on large equipment & motors. CUs including man w/ sledge hammer pounding links on large chain 16:29:09 Woman walking thru snow covered hillside w/ war damage. 16:29:22 LS high angle of frozen river w/ church steeple & town below. 16:29:37 Crowd of peasants parade alongside large church; assemble outside, carry banners. CU priest reading to women w/ bowed heads. 16:30:22 LS faces of congregation looking at Orthodox priest. 16:30:27 Interior w/ Priest swinging censer of incense. MCU woman kissing cross. Priest w/ incense; holds cross. 16:30:53 CU woman voting Post-WW2; Farming; Severe Weather; Religion; Russian Daily Life; USSR; 1947; Cold War;

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