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Russia - Post War Elections / Beria / Kalinin Funeral

Reel Number: 221038-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945,1946

Country: Russia


TC Begins: 05:19:01

TC Ends: 05:22:24

Duration: 00:03:23

Russia - Post War Elections / Beria / Kalinin Funeral Beria on podium speech making in election post-war , huge photo of Beria behind him. “All our thoughts are with the architect of our victory Comrade Stalin”. Standing ovation. 05:20:47 Train arrives in Moscow from Berlin, officer with two RR workers checking time. Steam train into station. Beria? and other walk down stairs in station. Ext. station. 05:21:26 Beria and others on podium in Red Square or mausoleum. Close-ups. 05:22:07 Stalin at Kalinin’s funeral. Coffin on gun carriage. Stalin walks behind with Molotov. Post-WWII; Post-WW2; 1945ca; 1946ca;

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