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Soviet Lithuania, 1947 Reel 1 of 5

Reel Number: 221123-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1939-1947

Country: Lithuania,USSR

Location: Vilnius

TC Begins: 17:17:07

TC Ends: 17:24:39

Duration: 00:07:32

Soviet Lithuania, 1947 Reel 1 of 5 Incentive documentary on the achievements of Lithuania since the 1939 Soviet "liberation." Picturesque rural views of Lithuania prior to 1939 - women throw garland into river - montage fields, castles, farms & trees - deserted agricultural buildings. LS cathedral; INT CU portrait of unid. man. 17:19:48 Map showing break-up of Lithuanian territory - Polish forces in Vilnius, Germans in Klaipeda. Montage of newspaper headlines encouraging people to stand up & fight, still images & models of prison / torture chamber? highlighting pre-World War II Polish and German aggression and occupation of Lithuania; contrasted to the 1939 liberation of Vilynus - natives are smiling and happy - parading w/ banners of Stalin. Monument representing loss of cities to Polish & Germans. VS ice flows on river through Vilnius ?. 17:22:17 Stalin on platform above huge crowd of Lithuanians waving Soviet banners & portraits - celebrating Lithuania joining USSR 03Aug40 - INT signing of documents. Civilians loading furniture onto truck - tearing down shack. Farm workers in field - surveying new land & signing papers - smiling men. Rural idyll scenes - woman out of cottage, watering flowers, children nearby. 17:24:21 Rural idyll shattered by explosion. Germany attacks USSR 22Jun41 - burning building collapses. City streets - buildings on fire. Women crying brief. USSR. Art / Painting. Sovietisation of Baltic States.

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