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Soviet World #7, R11

Reel Number: 220683-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941

Country: Russia

Location: Azerbaijan Kirghizia,Moscow Estonia, Tallin Volga-Germans

TC Begins: 20:48:44

TC Ends: 20:56:37

Duration: 00:07:53

Soviet World #7, R11 Stalin Says the Word: People in line for newspaper. LS of line. Groups of people reading 'Pravda.' Picture of Stalin. People in park. Commentary says Stalin’s speech is calling on Russians to fight Fascist Germany. 20:49:47 The Wrath of the People: Workers meeting Stalingrad Tractor Plant. Speakers. Applause. 20:50:47 Called to the Colours: Mobilisation of reserves. Men signing recruiting documents. Volunteers sign up for Red Army in Estonia. CU of document. Hand shake. 20:52:07 In the Soviet Republic of the Volga-Germans: Agriculture - Field. Harvesting. Collective Farming - Transporting hay. 20:53:09 Grain of the New Harvest: Crop fields. Harvesters in Azerbaijan. 20:53:47 On the Sugar-Beet Fields in Kirghizia; 20:54:20 Replace the Men - Girls at drawing desks. Replacing men in factories. 20:55:22 Strong, Quick: Red Army basic training. Men in cross country running & throwing grenades.

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