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WWII - 1941, USSR: Nazis Invade USSR, Oumansky Statement; Welles. Jun41

Reel Number: 250081-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1941

Country: Germany,USA,USSR

Location: DC,Washington

TC Begins: 16:19:02

TC Ends: 16:21:53

Duration: 00:02:51

Title: Nazis War On Russia 16:19:08 Goose stepping soldiers, tanks in review, planes overhead, paratroops dropping. 16:19:34 CU German military man speaking. 16:19:38 Soviet peasants harvesting grain; melons; grapes. 16:19:58 Soviet soldier marching / parading motorcycles,tanks, red square, crossing river in rubber assault raft, tanks along road, large planes overhead & parachuting off ribbed metal wings, ground shot of parachutes opening, view from rear of plane. 16:20:38 Molotov signing pact, Stalin, Japanese & ?? standing behind. Japanese signing. CU wax stamp. 16:20:55 Title: Washington, D.C. Ext. Soviet Embassy, CU sign. 16:21:02 MCU Ambassador Oumansky at microphone, “Hitler has miscalculated. Ours is a nation of a moral & political strength unknown in the past. It is firmly organized, devoted to its leaders, and has utmost confidence in its armed forces which are ready for any test. Hitler’s attack against my country will be smashed.” 16:21:39 Newsreel cameramen w/ Bell & Howell Eyemo cameras taking film of Secretary of State Welles w/ reporters / journalists. WW2 Invasion; WWII; USSR; Germany; 1941; Jun41;

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