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1920s - Russia

Reel Number: 220559-15

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1920s

Country: Russia


TC Begins: 03:26:45

TC Ends: 03:33:18

Duration: 00:06:33

1920s - Russia - Outtakes March past of massed troops - parade. Map of Russia. Young woman / nurse with baby - turns over showing flexibility. 03:27:15 Coach of Tsar wheeled along by men. Young women applying lipstick. all very short cuts 03:27:35 Parade in Red Square - Top shot marching troops. Ground shots troops with horse drawn carriages at speed. Civilians with banners intercut w cavalry riding at speed. Short shot young Stalin. 03:28:33 Shots of buildings from riverboat. Map with White Sea indicated. Shanty type buildings on waterside. Map indicating Volga. Map indicating Caucasus - mountains. Map indicating Siberia - haystacks, people reading. Film flipped. Map. Young woman with baby as at beginning. Removal of cross from minaret. Group of men. 03:31:11 Map showing distance across Russia. Fountains in formal gardens. Paratroops parachute from plane. Trotsky reading from book in English talks about Europe, US and colonialism. Montage short shots personalities including Stalin, Lenin, Tsar, Krupskaya (widow of Lenin) Very short shots throughout.

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