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1922 - USSR, Politics: Twelfth Communist Party Conference

Reel Number: 221056-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1922,1920s

Country: Russia,USSR


TC Begins: 09:48:35

TC Ends: 09:56:07

Duration: 00:07:32

1922 - USSR, Politics: Twelfth Communist Party Conference Aug22 Russian intertitles throughout. Brief shot dignitaries into room. EXT conference hall - busy traffic. Dignitaries into chamber - Stalin among them. VS people milling around, chatting at table & on telephone. MCU man w/ impressive & elaborate mustache - man into conference room. 09:50:18 VS conference under way - Stalin at head table - vars speakers at podium - delegates listening. Older dignitaries. VS men taking note & reading - man w/ ear trumpet. VS delegates chatting. Female journalists ? Felix Dzerzhinsky also present. Stalin elected General Secretary w/ Kuybyshev ? & Molotov as secretaries. 09:50:49 Zinoviev 09:51:40 Bukharin 09:52:06 Trotsky 09:53:32 Sokolnikov. Communism. USSR.

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