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1936 - USSR: Vyshinsky at Trial of Zinoviev - Cult of Stalin

Reel Number: 221083-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1936

Country: Russia,USSR


TC Begins: 07:19:40

TC Ends: 07:27:34

Duration: 00:07:54

1936 - USSR: Vyshinsky at Trial of Zinoviev - Cult of Stalin CUs Soviet Professors - Shereshevski, Vinogradov, Rosiski, Zipalov. Courtroom - Vyshinsky arrives & audience stands. 07:21:00 Little kids in uniform put into back of car & driven away as adults applaud. 07:21:15 Young girl makes speech in MCU; children applaud as Stalin appears projected onto screen, picks up little Mongol girl who kisses him. 07:21:53 MCU Prosecutor General Vyshinsky’s summing up speech w/ crowd cutaways. Prisoners in dock? Pan across bench inc. Olishh. Zinoviev not seen. 07:25:41 “I demand that these mad dogs be shot, every last one of them”. All 13 accused inc. Zinoviev shot on 25Aug36 - Trotsky sentenced to death in absentia. 07:27:25 Brief shot of Stalin voting at ballot box. Kalinin voting. Russia / USSR; Communist Party; Show Trials; Personality Cult;

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