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1940 - Mexico: Trotsky's Funeral. 22Aug40

Reel Number: 220606-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1940,1940s

Country: Mexico,USSR

Location: Mexico City, DF

TC Begins: 03:40:22

TC Ends: 03:43:33

Duration: 00:03:11

1940 - Mexico: Trotsky's Funeral. 22Aug40 High Angle / HA Funeral, mourners into cars; casket carried out. Large crowd of people in street watching. 03:40:56 Funeral procession & people walking by casket. Man speaking to group (brief). 03:41:16 Carrying coffin from hearse. 03:41:37 Open casket & people file by in front of Mexican Communist flag. Carry coffin out. 03:42:14 CU Skull with hole in it & brains on tray held by doctor. CU. 03:42:30 People waiting in line outside funeral home (?) daytime. Line moving past camera. Police & crowds outside around parked cars seen from overhead. Assassination Aftermath; Communist Murder; 1940s; NOTE: If requested will provide 03:40:22 - 03:46:46 (4 cards) at per reel rate.

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