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War to End All Wars, The (195?) Pt. 4 of 4

Reel Number: 221492-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1914-1919

Country: England,France,Germany,Russia,United Kingdom,USA

Location: Belleau Wood,Petrograd,Versailles JerUSAlem

TC Begins: 03:59:05

TC Ends: 04:12:26

Duration: 00:13:21

The War to End All Wars (195?) Pt. 4 of 4 Lenin in various situations some with Krupskaya. 04:00:22 Trotsky speaks (MOS) from train, Trotsky with troops. 04:00:51 Stalin making speech (MOS). 04:01:03 Winter scenes Petrograd 1917 revolution (Feature film?). Lenin speaks to troops after revolution. 04:02:55 Quentin Reynolds: America enters the war. US soldiers board troop ships. Convoys cross Atlantic. Large numbers American soldiers. US troops off ship, march thru London, past Buckingham Palace, watched by Lloyd George & Royal Family. Troops arrive in France, cheering crowds (GOOD sequence). 04:05:01 Reynolds introduces Burnett Hershey, journalist and writer who narrates. Hershey reported from France in WWI and WWII. Speaks re difference, especially re access to commanding officers. Various shots Pershing. Pershing with General Foch. Reynolds & Hershey discussing. 04:06:38 Pershing at the front, new recruits marching. Pershing in front of huge crowd of soldiers. Montage US troops in action. 04:07:22 Brief shot German Crown Prince at the front. Trench scenes, French soldiers replaced by Americans. Load & fire artillery, Marines from 2nd American Division, good battle scenes in battle for Belleau Wood, good montage battle scenes (some reconstruction). 04:09:02 King Ferdinand of Bulgaria on train. Italian troops advance. Austrian Emperor Karl. Allenby in Jerusalem w/ Chief Rabbi??. Sultan of Turkey. German army retreats in France. Armistice, newspaper headlines, enemies shake hands & swap helmets. Montage of Armistice celebrations round the world. 04:10:52 Versailles, gardens & ext. Palace. Arrivals for peace conference. President Wilson, Lloyd George, Clemenceau & Vittorio Orlando. Int. Hall of mirrors, Wilson signing. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington cemetery (1950s). The End. WW1 History; NOTE: One continuous minutes sold at per reel rate.

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