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WWI - 1916, France: Spring Time At The Front / Orchards of Flanders; Mixed European Troops

Reel Number: 221784-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1910s,1916

Country: Belgium,England,France,Russia,United Kingdom

Location: Balkans,Flanders,London

TC Begins: 08:09:15

TC Ends: 08:25:51

Duration: 00:16:36

NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk WWI - 1916 & ??, Mixed European Troops French soldiers on horse drawn wagons along rural farm road beneath trees in blossom; farmer sowing field in front of team of horses pulling harrow, lead by soldier in helmet. Beneath trees of orchard. 08:09:55 Soldiers on standing, waving helmets in front of tree in bloom, blossoms thrown from off-screen. 08:10:12 Pan group of British soldiers / officers & medic resting on grass under canvas, sentry passes. 08:10:23 Women serving coffee & sandwiches to troops, one soldier paying. (1914?) Slug... 08:10:45 Soldiers & laborers loading artillery shells into wagon (?). Soldier on horse drawn cart passing trucks along roadside; column of wagons & trucks passing w/ crates stacked by roadside. Slug... 08:11:19 MS across crowd of civilian men in hats, caps, bowlers, all raising arm as to volunteer, pan to (not seen). Slug... 08:11:49 Cantering mounted troops, rifles on shoulders, wearing caps past crowd of men lining street. Slug... 08:12:44 British officers & civilian men on station platform watch soldiers board railroad train in UK. Slug... 08:13:30 Troops in hillside foxhole, move up thru trees & brush, rest & pass water jug / canteen; field telephone, look at map. Field w/ troops piling round loaves of bread thrown while unloading trucks. MCU soldier eating from loaf (gag). 08:15:09 Troops on road pass smoking tank. MCU soldier wearing spiked helmet / Pickelhaube looking out of shelter. Soldiers stacking bread. Slug... 08:15:53 Pan barren hillside w/ corrugated metal sections stacked & snow on ground. Men washing / scrubbing clothes beside shed. Pan ruined village w/ snow. Slug... 08:17:37 Soldiers (Balkans ?) reading newspapers beside stone fronted hillside. MS officers at entrance w/ HQ (?) sign above in German; medics enter. slug 08:18:06 POWs, butcher cutting side of ribs, soldiers cutting potatoes (?) Guard w/ bayonet on rifle watching. Soldiers out of reinforced trench, take food basket. Slug... 08:18:48 Pan Civilians & Russian (?) soldiers posing; Trotsky (?) possibly when a reporter in France. Slate... 08:19:22 Women & children outside ?? doctor walks past in background. MLS men, women & children dressed in suits & best clothes w/ some nurses walk in large circle outdoors; man watching from in middle, very staged. Slug... 08:20:19 (dark) Loading freighter, men w/ hand trucks roll crates on dock; large bags loaded in sling. 08:20:50 LS Priests & VIPs on stone entrance of church, two men speak to police or soldiers in foreground. 08:21:26 Men work in ship’s hold stacking sacks of flour (?); sling hoisted from dock. Men w/ handtrucks past large sign: Friends Relief Committee...London. One of our Regular Shipments over 400 tons of food for starving Russia. Crates hoisted. Slug... 08:23:12 Long column of mule or horse pulled wagons w/ soldiers past peasant farm. 08:23:31 Hot soup served to women & children by Russian (?) soldiers. Slug... 08:23:52 Pan Russian (?) soldiers in wool hats, w/ swords & bandoliers of ammunition pose relaxing on grass 08:24:14 Russian cavalry riding horses leading column of wagons across bridge, officers standing watching. 08:24:39 Russian officers review double ranks of troops lining each side of road; greeted by Russian Orthodox priest. 08:24:59 Burned houses w/ chimneys standing, many troops along road in background. Slug..,. 08:25:14 Russians troops w/ rifles & packs on muddy road past village. WW1; Daily European Military Life; 1910s; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate.

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