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WWI - Newsreel Excerpts

Reel Number: 220733-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1914-1918



TC Begins: 12:00:09

TC Ends: 12:14:29

Duration: 00:14:20

WWI - Newsreel Excerpts Arabian troops in mountains and in desert - men holding flag; oasis with palm trees and camel caravan. 12:02:39 Yanks occupation of Rhine patrol; Soldier asks other for light at checkpoint and runs off laughing. Mules ploughing field; good shots plough. 12:05:24 King Ferdinand of Bulgaria reviews troops in Sofia. 12:05:56 Seaside resort promenade - Deauville ? Elegant women pose for camera. 12:07:36 French cavalry: 7th Dragoons drill in Fontainebleau. 12:08:22 American troops after war, Italy - Red Cross trucks - wounded returning to States? 12:08:54 Italian Army in the Alps. Digging with crane. 12:09:50 French officer or general greeted outside doorstep. 12:10:03 Leviathan docking; 12:10:09 US troops board train - cheering crowd on platform 12:10:37 Austrian POWs of Italy 12:11:04 Soldiers treated to an outdoors feast to celebrate an allied victory - eating under trees; Catholic service outdoors. 12:11:41 Rebuilding houses in village - reconstruction; Belgian refugees? walking out of house or shop carrying furniture and various household items whilst others queue. Children eat at outdoors table. MCU soldier with dog. Two American soldiers with priest in garden. 12:13:27 French road construction in Alsace behind allied advance into enemy territory. Materials transported on narrow-gauge tracks and on oxcart. 1910s Dress Fashions. WW1;

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