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1900s - Russia, Documentary: The House of Romanoff - Tsar and Tsarina of Russia Pt 2 of 4.

Reel Number: 220599-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1909-1912,1910s

Country: Russia,Ukraine

Location: Poltava,St. Petersburg,Tsarskoye Selo

TC Begins: 07:12:25

TC Ends: 07:24:00

Duration: 00:11:35

Tsar and Tsarina of Russia Pt 2 of 4 1909 St. Petersburg Znamemskaya Square. Tsar Nicholas II unveils huge monument to his father Emperor Alexander III, ‘The Peacemaker’. After ceremony Tsar leaves St Petersburg for Tsarskoye Selo / Tsar’s Village, south of capital. 07:13:32 Main entrance of Alexander Palace ithe family house of the Emperor in Tsarskoye Selo. Parade / military inspection. According to tradition boys from Emperor’s family enlisted in Guards regiments & later became their commanders - Tsarevitch Alexei appointed cossack troop chieftain - shows little Tsarevitch on parade ground. Religious ceremony - laying of foundation stone at start of construction of Fyodorovsky Cathedral which became Royal family temple & also used by soldiers of combined infantry regiment & escort who kept watch in Tsarskoye Selo. Huge bell being installed in Cathedral. Aug1912, After three years the official ceremony sanctifying Fyodorovsky Cathedral. 07:21:19 26Jun1909 Poltavskiye Festivities - 200th anniversary of Battle of Poltava (Ukraine). Tsar in Poltava reviews guard of honor of 33 Infantry Regiment of Yeletsk - Tsar receives deputations from Poltava city from merchants, middle classes, Cossacks & peasants, Evangelical Lutheran Societies as well as Poltava Jewish Society. Tsar presented w/ ceremonial Bread and Salt. Escorted by Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovitch, Tsar leaves for Common Grave - service for dead Emperor Peter I & for warriors who perished in Poltava battle. Having visited Church of Peter and Paul Tsar conducts review of the troops in the field. Pre-Revolutionary Russia. Romanov Royal Family; Festival; Russian Royalty; NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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