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WWI - 1910s Compilation: Pre-War & Fighting; Post-War Celebrations; Civil War; Spanish Civil War

Reel Number: 220462-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1914,1915,1916,1917,1918,1919,1930s

Country: France,Spain,USA

Location: New York City,Paris

TC Begins: 08:26:15

TC Ends: 08:38:01

Duration: 00:11:46

WWI - 1910s Compilation: Pre-War & Fighting; Post-War Celebrations; Civil War; Spanish Civil War Montage: Pre WWI Germany, military funeral procession; Kaiser out of carriage; politicians & military VIPs. German army marching. 08:27:14 Headlines of New York Journal. Kaiser defies Czar - Hands Off Or War! Tsar Nicholas (?) & family down steps, into coach. Russian soldiers parade past. Newspaper headlines: France Enters War. LS Mounted cavalry & troops march across field. Headlines: German Armies Sweep France. 08:28:18 Montage: British VIPs watch troops in kilts march down road. Germans marching. Trench fighting and explosions (recreations ?) Aircraft going down in smoke; battleship SMS Szent Istavan sinking, sailors into water, rescued. Submarine warfare - torpedo - ship sinking. 08:30:17 Flash title: 1917 America enters Fight for Democracy. Montage: Woodrow Wilson at desk signing papers. American troops board transport ships; wave leaving dock past New York skyline. USA troops march on field w/ American flag. 08:31:18 Montage: Battle scenes, soldiers, firing artillery, crossing field, explosions, craters, explosions 08:31:54 Flash title: Democracy Triumphs. Montage of happy troops wave caps, celebrate armistice - American flag. German prisoners of War marched. Celebrations in streets, soldier kisses young woman. Huge celebrations - symbolic coffin carried by crowd. Crowds celebrate in various cities; group in truck w/ effigy of German, beating him over head. VIPs & Pershing into car. Ticker-tape - troops march up NYC avenue. 08:33:44 Flash title: America Points The Way. Montage: Woodrow Wilson & celebrations in Paris - VIPs in carriages down Champs Elysees. Versailles, Peace Conference in room of mirrors. 08:34:30 Philadelphia, historical recreations re signing of American independence - paintings of early US persons w/ George Washington; Declaration of Independence. 08:36:11 Lincoln Memorial & statue of Abraham Lincoln. Civil War veterans parade. Veteran lays flowers. Confederate veterans, some in wheelchairs sit around campfire, waving Confederate flags. 08:37:21 Flash title: Wars and Threats Of Wars Again Rack The World. War scenes Spanish Civil War - child pulled out of rubble - bodies. Child crying - refugees many children, two who have lost legs. WW1 Overview; Doughboys; Compilation; NOTE: Partial or complete sold at per reel rate. Speed corrected - best quality.

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