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1900s - Russia, Documentary: The House of Romanoff - Tsar and Tsarina of Russia Pt 3 of 4.

Reel Number: 220599-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1910-1912,1910s

Country: Latvia,Russia,Ukraine

Location: Kiev,sebastopol, Livadia, crimea,western dvina, riga

TC Begins: 07:24:01

TC Ends: 07:41:01

Duration: 00:17:00

Tsar and Tsarina of Russia Pt 3 of 4 04Jul1910 - Riga Festivities - Tsar Nicholas II’s yacht “Standart” in harbor on Western Dvina in Latvia. Tsar reviews troops. Royal entourage drive in cars - traveling shots thru streets. Choir preparing to sing. Her Majesty in tent - unveiling monument to Peter I - Royal party return to yacht. Scenes on board yacht - Tsar & family on friendly terms with crew. Standart firing salute. Tsar & family holiday activities - party in launch & landing - playing tennis - family on board yacht playing deck quoits. Various shots of Tsar & family tasting food on deck - lower ranks tasting food. 07:32:01 29Aug1911 - Kiev - Tsar’s train arrives - inspects guard of honor - Tsar in Kiev to unveil monument to his grandfather Emperor Alexander II. Procession scenes inc. shots of Pyotr Stolipin who was assassinated. 07:35:13 11Sep1911 - Tsar & Tsarina in Crimea to attend festivities on anniversary of defense of Sebastopol. Tsar and daughters attend mass in the church of the Common Grave. Tsar meets Veterans of the Sevastopol defense. Crowds lining the route as Tsar returns by carriage to the Royal Yacht 07:37:15 The new palace in Livadia, 25May - Alexandra receives congratulations on her birthday - presented w/ many bouquets of flowers. 07:38:40 06May1912 - Birthday of the Tsar. Tsar inspects parade of His Majesty’s Escort accompanied by his son Alexei. Imperial breakfast for the officers of the Crimea regiment - drinking vodka. Orthodox priest gives blessings. Tsar receives birthday wishes - much kissing. Pre-Revolutionary Russia; Romanov Royal Family; 1910s; Russian Royalty; NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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