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1900s - Russia, Documentary: The House of Romanoff - Tsar and Tsarina of Russia Pt 4 of 4.

Reel Number: 220599-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1912,1910s

Country: Russia,Ukraine

Location: Alupka, sevastopol, Crimea,borodino,Moscow

TC Begins: 07:41:02

TC Ends: 07:54:56

Duration: 00:13:54

Tsar and Tsarina of Russia Pt 4 of 4 Alupka, Crimea - sanctifying of the church by Climatic Colony named after Emperor Alexander III for the pupils of church schools. Tsar with his daughter Maria attends ceremony - church is in sanatorium for consumptive children. Tsar attends exhibition of the Society supporting the Crimea Tartar crafts. Tsar visits the Askania-Neva estate belonging to Falts Fein - shown some of the animals in the zoo inc. strange looking animal / Okapi which has half Zebra markings. 07:43:25 Sebastopol 09Aug - Tsar and Tsarina arrive in Sevastapol, first stop on visit to Crimea - greeted by dignitaries & celebrating 20 years of marriage. 07:45:39 Moscow 29May1912 - Their Majesties and families entering Red Porch in Kremlin for unveiling of monument to Emperor Alexander III. In procession Tsar Nicholas is arm in arm with widowed mother Empress Maria Fyodorovna while the Tsarina follows behind. During the ceremony in the Kremlin the cortege went for the liturgy in the Assumption cathedral along the specially built dias leading from the inner suites past the faceted chamber. 07:47:32 30May1912 - Ceremonial unveiling of monument to Alexander III in Moscow near Temple of Our Saviour. March past of troops. Borodino - Centenary of the Battle of Borodino & conquest of the French - Tsar meets aged veterans. 27Aug1912 - Ceremony to commemorate centenary attended by dignitaries and Royalty. Following liturgy in the Assumption cathedral Tsars cortege went to the Chudov monastery. In the cortege is a nun in white vestments - this is Ella, Grand Duchess Yelizaveta Fyodorovna who became a nun following the murder of her husband. Borodin festivities continue. Tsar attends parade of pupils from educational and military establishments - pupils cheer the Tsar & girls demonstrate sokolski exercises performed to the ringing of bells. Tsar on horseback watches parade. Choir sings. Pre-Revolutionary Russia; Romanov Royal Family; 1910s; Russian Royalty; NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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