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1914 - Russian Hangers & Airfield; Tsar Reviewing Troops; Foundation Stone Laid

Reel Number: 220504-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1914,1910s

Country: Russia

Location: Sevastopol / Sebastopol,Tsarskoye Selo

TC Begins: 10:09:24

TC Ends: 10:14:40

Duration: 00:05:16

1914 - Russian Hangers & Airfield; Tsar Reviewing Troops; Foundation Stone Laid Russian Main Title. 10:09:28 Russian introduction: Sevastopol - Construction of Hangers and aircraft flights in the presence of Grand Prince Nikolai Nikolaevich. (?) 10:09:30 Cars arrive w/ military VIPs. Tsar (?) out, saluted, walking past. 10:09:38 Priests, military in excavation. Pan large hangers w/ line of mono-wing planes parked in front. 10:09:59 Biplanes & monoplanes in flight, landing on flat field. 10:10:25 Officers presented with medals by group of officers. Tsar at table handing out medals. 10:10:42 Russian Inter-title: ?? 10:10:45 Parade of the 52nd Vilno regiment in the presence of Tsar Nicholas II - Military march past on gavel parade ground. Tsar & other officers walking, leaving wooden building. Tsar leaves in car thru narrow stone entrance-way. 10:11:54 Russian Inter-title: 25Jun1914 Tsarskoye Selo (?). 10:12:07 Russian Inter-title: (?) Laying of the foundation for barracks of 3rd rifle regiment in presence of Tsar Nicholas II. 10:12:11 Russian Inter-title: ?? 10:12:16 Long parade of troops march past on wide dirt road. Tsar inspecting (?). 10:12:50 Russian Inter-title: ?? 10;12:54 Officers reviewing troops (nitrate damage in middle of frame). 10:13:17 Tsar & others walking past troops. 10:13:20 Russian Inter-title: ?? 10:13:22 Officers placing coins on marble stone as part of religious ceremony as foundation stone laid. 10:13:48 Russian Inter-title: ?? 10:13:50 Officers saluting, walk out from under tent. 10:14:15 Russian Inter-title: ?? 10:14:19 Pan across officers & wives pose for photograph. 1910s Newsreels; Royalty; Official Ceremony; Primitive Military Aviation; Aircraft; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate.

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