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Fashion / Russian Antiques / Russian Exiles

Reel Number: 220449-11

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1938

Country: EnglandUSAUNITED KINGDOM,United Kingdom

Location: London

TC Begins: 18:09:11

TC Ends: 18:17:51

Duration: 00:08:40

Fashion / Russian Antiques / Russian Exiles Female fashion designer fitting evening dress pattern on model, assistant brings in bolt of material, they talk about a shop in Hanover Square. Shots repeated closer angle. 18:11:50 Woman in fur coat looking at silver bowl which has been handed to her by shop assistant. Portrait of Tsar Nicholas ? in ornate silver frame. Collecting box with sign Emperor’s Memorial Fund. 18:12:36 Group of White Russians men and women sitting around, tea served and they sing folk songs accompanied by man on guitar. Some form of traditional toast and song. Waiter brings in drinks on tray ( vodka ? ) Low angle shot interior building - sign Prince Vladimir Galitzine Antiques 1930s; 1938; London, England;

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