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Fox Movietone Newsreel Excerpts

Reel Number: 220879-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1917,1910s

Country: England,France,Russia,United Kingdom,USA

Location: London,Moscow,NYC,Paris

TC Begins: 13:51:26

TC Ends: 14:01:45

Duration: 00:10:19

Stock Newsreel Excerpts Prince of Wales (future Duke of Windsor) & King George V visit battleship USS New York. Admirals, Beatty, Rodmund?, King George V, Admiral Sims & Prince of Wales. 13:52:29 NYC - American troops off to war - first volunteers parade down 5th Avenue - recruits embark aboard transport ship. 13:53:25 Newspaper headlines re conscription - Wilson and Marshall draw draft lottery. US troops aboard ship on way to France; Red Cross nurses & YMCA workers on board. Chow below deck. Torpedo sighted and submarine attacked with depth charge. ??Jun17 First American troops disembark in France. Americans parade in Paris and women throw them flowers; parade in London and before King George V with mother, Lloyd George and Lord French. 13:56:41 LS Kremlin - Last appearance of Tsar Nicholas with his family - son Alexis, daughters and Czarina. Russian front - Cossacks march through snow - wounded soldiers return. Kerensky. Scenes from the Russian revolution - crowds and mayhem in streets. Russian army demonstration in support of Bolshevism. Trotsky harangues troops & reviews Red Army in Red Square. Winter 1917 famine - children queue at American Red Cross soup kitchen. Ext. snow-covered Kremlin. Lenin. Lenin’s wife Krupskaya. 13:59:54 France - Prince of Wales welcomes his mother Queen Mary at the front. King George V visits wounded. Belgian King Alfred & Queen Elizabeth meet Queen Mary of England & King George V. King George decorates officers by sea. Belgian princess Marie Josephine with fiancé Italian Crown Prince. King George and Douglas Haig meet French President Poincaré, Marshal Juin and Marechal Foch WWI; WW1;

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