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Pre-WWII - 1938, France, Paris: Russian Exiles Communities

Reel Number: 220449-13

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1938,1930s

Country: France,USSR

Location: Paris

TC Begins: 18:28:10

TC Ends: 18:31:59

Duration: 00:03:49

Pre-WWII - 1938, France, Paris: Russian Exiles Communities ( Dark and soft focus } Street scenes, shops with Russian names - pedestrians - exterior Russian church. Chauffeur leaning on car reading Russian newspaper. Exterior minarets on church. 18:29;09 Man in kitchen tasting food - twirls mustache. Group of men in cafe ? Russian dancing / wearing business suits. Portrait of Tsar Nicholas and Alexandra on walls. 18:30:57 Exteriors - Group of men on bench reading newspapers. Interior Russian church, young boys making sign of cross. Brief shot man buying Russian icon from market stall. Russian Orthodox Religion; Religious; Ethnic; Pre-WW2; White Russians (?); 1930s; 1938; Refugees;

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