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Tsarist Russia Compilation - Part 1 of 5

Reel Number: 221082-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1900s,1910s

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: St Petersburg

TC Begins: 06:17:25

TC Ends: 06:29:37

Duration: 00:12:12

Tsarist Russia Compilation - Part 1 of 5 Czar Nicholas II’s children Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia & Alexei running about on ship’s deck - watched by crewmen. 06:18:22 Procession of people in white followed by Orthodox priests, Tsar w/ Tsarina Alexandra, & dignitaries poor quality. Tsar talks w/ priests next to scale replica of cathedral. 06:20:26 Rural scenes - farmer tends to cattle - horse in snow - row of shacks in show, people past - women collect water from well. Wide shot vars horse-drawn ploughs / carts on muddy field. Rural poverty - malnourished children - person hunting for scraps of food. 06:22:09 Cavalry in St Petersburg, ready to leave; Cavalry on the move. Men going to sign up - kids make faces at camera minor shutter problem. 06:23:10 Crowds in St Petersburg listen to Tsar speaking from royal balcony of Winter Palace. Crowds cheer & wave banners - slight pan on Tsar’s balcony, and on crowd. 06:24:54 Troops followed by crowds march through St Petersburg. 06:25:15 Troops in field packing up, rifles displayed in FG; troops march in parade formation. 06:25:47 Marching civilians in city - banners & portraits of Tsar Nicholas - Russian flags. Rural parade w/ cars decked in flowers & effigy of two-headed phoenix? - men & women in historical costume. 06:27:30 Troops marching on field. Cars through city under decorated archway. 06:28:14 Goods train packed w/ troops along raised track. Train at station, platform crowded w/ people & belongings. MS & CUs train pulling into / out of station; brief PoV from front of locomotive. Pre-Revolutionary Russia. Romanov Dynasty. Royalty.

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