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WWI - 1914 - 1915, Russia: Military & Civilians; Training; Leafleting in Moscow

Reel Number: 300355

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1914,1910s

Country: England,Russia,United Kingdom

Location: London,Moscow

TC Begins: 01:00:12

TC Ends: 01:08:04

Duration: 00:07:52

WWI - 1914 - 1915, Russia: Military & Civilians; Training; Leafleting in Moscow Cars arriving on country road w/ Russian generals, out & walk past and behind enormous log building. 01:00:25 Flash intertitle. Generals return w/ much saluting & walk to front; view troops lined up across road, then give paper awards to them. 01:01:26 Flash intertitle: Gaumont Graphic no. 891. Transport Workers Federation Meeting at Caxton Hall, Westminster. Large group of mostly men gathered in front listening to man & woman speakers seen from behind crowd. Crowd moving away. 01:01:46 Flash intertitle: The Great Crowd surged round Mr. Thomas when he was leaving the hall. 2 men into open car & leaving. Crowd moving; standing facing camera listening. 01:02:09 MS man leaving Caxton Hall w/ others. 01:02:14 Flash title. Note: this is a printer pull back to content at 01:01:26 -01:02:14 Slug. 01:03:06 Unid. Young soldiers at attention on gravel field; Older officers w/ swords & unit flag march past 01:03:28 Montage: Tsar Nicholas II in military coat & hat w/ very tall cousin, Commander-in-Chief Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich & others on field (pre-Aug15). Russian cavalry riding over pontoon bridge. Marching British troops wearing formal uniforms marching on parade ground. 01:03:57 Large crowd filling street in front of Russian government building. Men on balcony speak to crowd. 01:04:30 MS Crowd w/ banners facing camera cheering. Army marching thru crowd, firemen on fire wagons pass in opposite direction. Crowd leads parade; listens to speakers n front of buildings w/ Russian business signs. Speaker from behind; leaflets handed out from wagon to soldiers & civilians. LS across crowd in park w/ marching troops & Kremlin wall behind. MCU crowd watching marching military & civilians following. 01:06:17 MCU mounted troops thru crowds lining street. Civilian speaker on base of statue to largely civilian crowd. Slug. 01:07:22 Winter w/ snow; man in heavy black coat speaking. Troops doing bayonet exercises as soldiers watch. WW1; 1910s; Battlefield; Royalty; Newsreel Stock Footage; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate. NOT SPEED CORRECTED.

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