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Fight For Liberty, The: The Second Year Of The War Pt 1 of 4

Reel Number: 221251-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941

Country: England,United Kingdom

Location: London

TC Begins: 13:26:16

TC Ends: 13:36:11

Duration: 00:09:55

The Fight For Liberty: The Second Year Of The War Pt 1 of 4 NFB by Stanley Hawes & James Beveridge . Summer of 1940, troops march along coast. London soldiers on look out positions, House of Parliament in background, policemen walk past air raid shelter, look for the enemy at night. 13:27:32 Animated map shows invasion threat for Britain from Germany; German army across the straits of Dover, big guns put in place along French coast, prepare for invasion. Soldiers w/ binoculars in watch tower. August 1941, attack begins, soldiers load guns onto aircrafts. Planes on runway, take off; various shots of bombers in the air, English soldiers in listening posts, prepare guns, people enter bomb shelters. 13:29:15 Ground forces load anti-aircraft guns & shoot at planes flying over; LS fighter planes drop bombs, explosions, fighter planes of RAF lift off to meet Germans for first great air battle of history; various shots of bombers in the air, shooting. Hit plane falls into the sea; dozen of RAF fighter planes in the sky, shot of Nazi aircrafts on the ground, traffic on the road at night. Battle of Britain. 13:30:33 People into shelter; night battle, shooting, explosions, buildings on fire, fire brigade fighting to extinguish flames, big buildings on fire. Next morning civilians climb out of rubble, city in ruins. 13:32:19 Big Ben, CU clock tower w/ bomb damage; shots of famous buildings damaged by bombing - House of Parliament interior, Westminster Abbey, King George VI & Queen Elizabeth outside damaged Buckingham Palace building. People clear away rubble, line up bombs on roadside, walk past ruined buildings. People cheer leaders visiting ruined streets incl. King George VI & Queen Elizabeth walk thru the rubble. Churchill waves from open car, American delegation incl. Wendell Wilkie walk thru city ruins, Cathedral(?). 13:33:23 Nazis march on the streets of ??, Nazi soldiers hand out sticks to police, officers walk past ammunition & machinery storage, high angle storage halls. 13:33:55 Shot of birds flying low above Thames River, British work in factory, shot of Ernest Bevin, metallurgy factory, various heavy machinery & industry; artillery production, int. fighter plane construction plant. CU Britain's Minister of aircraft production Lord Beaverbrook, planes in construction. 13:34:41 Canada street scene, cabinet meeting, Canadian army, soldiers marching in war training. 3 month after outbreak of war first division of Canadian troops arrive overseas, soldiers exit army cars, put guns in position, LS guns lined up on field. In the forest of Scotland, soldiers cut down big trees, Canada's navy sailors marching, soldiers in ship’s engine room. 13:35:51 Canadian Flag, soldiers in air training, study at table, work in workshop, big tractor levels new air field, high angle airmen troop training. WWII Aid; England Homefront; Spirit; WW2 History;

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