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WWII - 1941, USAAF Newsreels R3 of 3

Reel Number: 220980-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941

Country: USA

Location: Burbank,California,ETC,fort benning,galveston,Georgia,Nashville,tennesee,Texas

TC Begins: 15:43:31

TC Ends: 15:54:54

Duration: 00:11:23

WWII - 1941, USAAF Newsreels R3 of 3 15:43:45 Title: National Defense Movietone New. Aerials of squadron of O-47Bs in target practice formation over Galveston; target sleeve released, planes peel off & dive towards target bing towed. 15:44:35 Title: Nashville, Tenn Universal Newsreel Wendell Wilkie arrives by American Airlines plane to open Vultee aircraft plant; crowd at fence waving. Aerials of people on pavement & large plant. Wilkie at podium behind WLAC & WSIX radio microphones; two girls wave wand at plane. LS plane takeoff. 15:45:05 Title: High Jump Giant Tower Built To Train ‘Chutists’ RKO-Pathe News Steelworkers finish training structure for parachutists at Fort Benning; views of tower w/ steel workers bolting last pieces together. LS training jump by parachutist. 15:45:48 Title: Defense Headlines News of the Day Burbank, Cal. Lockheed aircraft production of Hudson A-29 bombers for Britain. Tracking shot between fuselages of large plant. Planes lined for takeoff w/ British markings, takeoff. US Army Lightning Interceptor wheeled from hangar & takeoff. Views in air & low flyover. 15:46:54 - 15:49:36 Paramount stories blackened. 15:49:36 Title: Aviation: Flying Fortresses Soar In Grandeur Of Western Skies Movietone News Six B-17Ds in flight above clouds & snowy mountains. 15:50:21 Title: News of the Day Wright Field, Ohio Machine guns of Curtiss P-40 loaded & fired at ground target while plane on ground. Int. of cockpit; tracers thru propellor blade into bunker target. 15:50:53 Title: Foto-Finish Army Tries New Field Photo Unit RKO-Pathe News Soldiers into portable dark room on airfield; B-26 observation plane parachutes film to be developed; soldier drives finished prints to officers in Jeep. 15:51:34 Title: News of the Day - California World’s biggest bomber, Douglas B-19, in hangar at Douglas plant. Men around plane. 15:51:59 Title: New York, N.Y. Universal Newsreel Curtiss CW-20B troop transport plane, take off; AV over Manhattan, NYC. 15:52:37 Title: First Pilot Training School In Arizona Graduates Cadets Movietone News Air cadets in classroom w/ civilian pilot in front of blackboard; graduation at Southwest Airways Thunderbird Field, Arizona. Cadets in Stearman PT-17s taxi from flight line. 15:53:22 Title: 21 Giants Flying Fortresses Hop To Honolulu RKO-Pathe Pan along B-17Ds on tarmac at Hickam Field, Hawaii after flight from San Francisco; CU & AV. 15:53:54 Title: National Defense US Army Speeds Parachute Troop Training Program Movietone News Parachute pupils winched up 240ft tower at Fort Brenning & dropped in various positions; landings. WW2; Aviation Training; Military Aviation Assembly; Homefront;

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