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1944 - 4th Moscow Conference, October

Reel Number: 250021-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 16:13:19

TC Ends: 16:23:49

Duration: 00:10:30

1944 - 4th Moscow Conference, October Titles (Russian) 16:14:04 Stalin in uniform & w/ pipe walks into room, followed by Churchill who’s invited to sit down. Followed by Anthony Eden, Molotov & other military. Pose w/ CUs, including Averell Harriman. 16:15:06 Title. (19th at Moscow Airport) 16:15:11 British & Soviet flags & motorcade arriving. Men out of car, Eden shaking hands; Russian General Vishinsky arrives & shaking hands. CUs of other civilian & military VIPS. & standing on wet tarmac. Long line of Soviet soldiers at attention. 16:16:47 Stalin & Molotov out of car, handshaking. 16:17:19 Churchill out of car, walks over salutes & shakes hands. 16:18:00 All slowly walk, troops watching, officer w/ sword makes speech (SOF) as all salute as British & Soviet anthems played. 16:19:30 Churchill, Stalin & others walking past & reviewing Soviet troops; then salute troops marching / parade past. 16:20:24 Black leader. 16:20:31 Churchill at microphone, MOS. Shakes hands w/ Stalin & others. Walking w/ Stalin, translator & others on airfield. 16:21:34 Large four-engine British plane & men boarding; Stalin, Molotov & Churchill off again. Talking & Churchill re-boards. Stalin & others watch & wave Churchill waves from window & plane taxiis off. Takes off & flies away. 16:23:30 Stalin & others back into cars & leave. The End. WW2 Conferences; Fourth Moscow Conference; NOTE: Conference took place 09-19Oct44.

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