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1944 - President Roosevelt: Roosevelt To Run For Fourth Term; WWII Stories. Jul44

Reel Number: 250087-14

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: France,Italy,Northern Mariana Islands,USA

Location: DC,Normandy,Pacific,Rome,Saipan,Washington

TC Begins: 04:51:07

TC Ends: 04:56:36

Duration: 00:05:29

1944 - President Roosevelt: Roosevelt To Run For Fourth Term; WWII Stories. Jul44 04:51:14 LS of White House across flowers & fountain. Int. w/ FDR at desk, CU letter accepting request to run for election. Vice-President Henry Wallace upon return from China, into White House waving letter for camermen; waves straw hat & enters. 04:51:55 Title: On The War Fronts. Normandy. Tank w/ flails on front to set off mines, much dust; side view. Two columns of 9th & 79th Infantry soldiers down steep hill into large town, jogging thru streets. Heavy smoke out of house. Allied soldiers w/ rifles ready past body on ground; beside burning building. 04:52:42 Surrendering German Nazi officers. GI w/ hand grenades around neck posing w/ young French women & men. POWs walking past soldiers. 04:52:58 American B-17 bomber from above over fields, dropping bombs & explosions at intersection of roads, many bomb craters; GSAP of firing on tugboat pulling barge on river or canal; firing on railroad steam train locomotive; strafing parked aircraft, hitting & plane bursting into flames. 04:53:40 Title: Italy. Secretary of War Stimson in railroad car, view of destruction from train window enroute from Naples to Rome. Stimson sitting w/ two army officers in train. POV from side of train passing thru destruction. CU engine w/ flags & US emblem MR. Stimson shaking hands / greeted by Mark Clark on station platform. LS of large ceremony in front of Victor Emmanuel monument. 04:54:14 Stimson & Clark w/ other military VIPs in hospital tent talking to wounded, CUs. In jeep. 04:54:25 Title: Saipan. Tanks passing on dirt country road; tanks thru dust; LS troops crossing fields w/ rifles. Tank firing, smoke over valley & explosions. Artillery firing. Plane overhead. Hold Japan flag. Enormous explosion w/ tall black cloud. 04:55:08 Wounded carried across field. Bodies covered. MCU of Colonel Carlson w/ cigarette talking w/ others. Soldier checking dog tap of body. Airfield activity, P-47 Thunderbolt plane landing. Soldiers pose under palm tree at edge of airfield. 04:55:38 Title: Robot Bombs Fail To Panic British. Prime Minister Churchill in military uniform tours anti-aircraft installation. Buzz bomb. Daughter Mary Churchill in uniform. Wife sitting beside Churchill. Flack around buzz bomb; bomb explodes. House w/ windows blown out, damaged slate roof. People standing around deep bomb crater & ms of wreckage of bomb. 04:56:32 Winston Churchill wearing helmet sitting on chair. WW2 Newsreel; Narration;

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