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Arctic Borderlands In Winter

Reel Number: 221696-03

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1948

Country: Canada

Location: churchill,Hudson bay,manitoba province

TC Begins: 00:29:06

TC Ends: 00:39:40

Duration: 00:10:34

Arctic Borderlands In Winter Coronet Instructional Films 00:29:25 Rural autumn scenes of Manitoba province, Canada - borderland w/ Arctic. Zoom in on map of US & Canada - Hudson Bay region w/ town of Churchill. 00:30:21 Lakeside villages - Indian villagers at trading post collecting supplies - isolated cabin of White trapper, trapper holds up furs. Husky sled dog. Grouse on cabin roof - ptarmigan w/ camouflage plumage - woodpecker & pine finch before migration south. Canada geese flying south. Barren lands - treeless tundra covered w/ blanket of moss, lichen, berries - caribou herd roaming tundra - migration to borderland forests. 00:34:02 Winter scenes: frozen landscape - caribou walking across lake ice - shed antlers - skeleton of caribou killed by wolves. Winds blowing - barren landscape covered in snow - sunset. 00:35:50 Dawn after blizzard - thick snow, trapper’s cabin snowed-in. Snow bunting / snow bird searching for food. Ptarmigan in all-white winter plumage, camouflaged against snow. 00:37:00 Trapper prepares his husky dogs for trip to check traps, outside kennel marked ‘Red’ - trapper puts on protective layer of caribou hide - pan across trapper’s warm clothing - dog team harnessed & journey starts. Red fox - trapper looking for tracks in snow. 00:38:29 MCU shots of Canadian otters sliding along snow & into stream. 00:39:13 Churchill region - sparse snowy landscape. Trapper riding husky sled past camera - brief PoV from moving sled. The End. Nature / Wildlife; Animals; Extreme Weather Conditions; North America; Canada; Hunting / Trapping; 1940s; 1948;

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