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Casablanca - Giraud, De Gaulle, Churchill & Roosevelt With Press

Reel Number: 220903-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1943

Country: Africa,Liberia,Morocco,North Africa

Location: Casablanca

TC Begins: 03:30:27

TC Ends: 03:41:11

Duration: 00:10:44

Casablanca - Giraud, De Gaulle, Churchill & Roosevelt With Press Casablanca - FDR and Churchill seated with Giraud and de Gaulle and group behind all posing for cameras. FDR wipes sweat off brow. FDR seated alone with Churchill. FDR wears black armband. Giraud, Churchill, de Gaulle, Roosevelt seated together with FDR talking to Giraud. Giraud and de Gaulle rise and shake hands. FDR & Churchill talk with press. Brief shot Churchill in bathrobe? out of plane. FDR and Churchill pose with US and British generals behind. 03:33:00 Desert, Casablanca area - Churchill? and FDR arrive in jeep and review troops and tanks. Military band. Ruined castle with French flag above - US troops guarding castle. Troops parade near tents, FDR watching. 03:37:10 Anfa Hotel exterior (Art Deco). US troops parade - GV boots marching. 03:38:15 Roosevelt, Hopkins, McCrae on boat (faded). FDR in Liberia reviews troops; FDR with Generals Patton & Marshall & pins medal on Wilbur. Tracking shot of countryside from road. Roosevelt with Hopkins & Vargas of Brazil aboard ship? with naval officers behind -party into jeep and FDR talking with officer. Jeep convoy.

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