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Dresden - Bombing of Dresden Pt 1 of 2

Reel Number: 221131-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Canada,England,Germany,United Kingdom

Location: dresden,London High Wycombe

TC Begins: 09:00:01

TC Ends: 09:11:02

Duration: 00:11:01

Dresden - Bombing of Dresden Part 1 of 2 Gravestone: “Dresden dead 13th February 1945. Memorial”. Rostrum stills bomb damaged buildings, hundreds of dead. 09:01:27 Pre-war Dresden, park w/ fountains, bridges over Elbe River, steamer. Picturesque shots rooftops, street scenes. Architecture, huge spherical shaped office building. Good street scenes, trams, pedestrians, police directing traffic, bicycle, boy locking bike up in public shelter. 09:03:09 Churches, religious buildings including very old building on hilltop. Soldiers look over city. 09:03:45 Village pond w/ horse cart past. Men outside pub The Mason’s Arms. Montage troops march, Churchill w/ Roosevelt, Big Three pose at Yalta. CU Stalin. 09:04:25 Arthur Bomber Harris? w/ RAF officers & men at country airbase. Car arrives at castle-like HQ. Bomber command? RAF officers on telephones, office shot. Cranes & tractors move bombs. Drums of high explosives moved by tractor & trailer. Int. bomber command offices, maps & wall charts. Guns prepared.Canada women RAF on radios. Preparing bombers. Officers in map room; men arrive at briefing room. 09:07:29 Briefing crews. Germany, German troops & civilians clearing rubble, civilians in bombed streets with belongings. Relief workers, soup kitchen. German officers. CU young girl in rubble. Homeless load belongings onto trucks, assisted by Allied soldiers. 09:08:46 Int. nursery kindergarten w/ German sign. Goebbels with Hitler lookalike. Bomb damaged buildings. German troops carrying drums. Tent. Soup kitchen. German signs. 09:09:29 Bomb victims watch acrobats in variety show in theater - laughing. Soup kitchen. Supply train. (Much of this aftermath footage also appears in what is thought to be 1943 German newsreel - see 221055) Homeless at RR station, steam train. Train pulls out of station w/ people clinging to side (GOOD). Troops out of truck. Ornate buildings & fountains. Heavily bomb-damaged building. Continued... WWII Aircraft; Headquarters; Refugees; WW2;

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