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FBI Nabs Nazi Saboteurs (and other war stories, Jun45)

Reel Number: 250019-19

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1942

Country: USA

Location: DC,Ft,Jackson,Long Island,New York,SOUTH CAROLINA,Washington

TC Begins: 13:18:31

TC Ends: 13:23:55

Duration: 00:05:24

FBI Nabs Nazi Saboteurs 13:18:36 Night ext. corner entrance to US Justice Department building w/ traffic past. 13:18:39 Int. Federal Bureau of Investigation on wall. J. Edgar Hoover at desk w/ Clyde Tolson handing papers. CU Hoover; 13:18:47 Overhead shot w/ submarine (model?) seen underwater. Int. man at periscope, aerial above submarine moving on surface. 13:19:00 Mud bank w/ boxes partially visible; basement w/ papers, wires & ?? laid out on floor. CUs of electrical box & ??. Several CU police photos of men; full shots of Heinck, Quirin, Thiel, Burger, Kerling, Dasch. NOTE: landed 12Jun42 on Long Island, New York. 13:19:32 Title: Churchill Sees Our War Might. NOTE: 24Jun42. Fort Jackson, South Carolina. 13:19:37 MCU Churchill in summer suit standing between British General John Dill & Secretary of War Stimson. View on review stand w/ troops beyond; troops marching past; trucks w/ troops & artillery; paratroops from C47 planes overhead, Churchill watching landing. Churchill standing listening to large walkie talkie; parachutes descending. 13:20:35 Title: King Inspects U.S. Task-Force 13:20:36 Title: FDR And War Council Meet 13:20:40 Churchill & President Roosevelt seated on porch in front of VIPs including MacKenzie King, Lord Halifax, Stettinius, & ???. CUs, MSs, men talking. NOTE: SECOND WASHINGTON CONFERENCE 19-25Jun45. 13:21:05 Aircraft Carrier USS Lexington, CV2 / CV-2, burning in LS & MS. Deck aflame & CV listing. Burning heavily. 08May42 during Battle of Coral Sea. 13:21:40 Sailors off train & greeted by another. NOTE Probably 7 Patton brothers. survivors of USS Lexington sinking, & their father who had recently enlisted. 13:21:51 Crowd watching, sailors on platform in front of War Bonds & Stamps sign. Eight navy sailors saluting while standing on large gun barrel. 13:22:02 Title: Navy Convoys Coastal Ships. 13:22:05 LS of convoy, blimp over oil tanker, ships underway. PBY overhead. MS of naval ships. GOOD. 13:22:35 Title: They Call ‘Em Bush Masters. Camouflaged troops thru heavy jungle, surprise each other; wade stream w/ rifles. Resting on river bank, eating. CUs. NOTE Training in Panama. 13:23:25 Title: Here’s The Men Who ‘Dood’ It. Lt. Gen Hap Arnold decorating Army airmen getting awards for bombing of Tokyo. CU medal; CU men; women run & give kiss. CUs laughing. WWII; WW2; 1942; Spy; Spies; Families; NOTE: If requested will provide 13:18:31 - 13:30:30 at per reel rate.

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