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It’s All Yours

Reel Number: 221316-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: USA


TC Begins: 17:56:09

TC Ends: 18:05:56

Duration: 00:09:47

It’s All Yours Teen Age Book Club, Sponsored by Pocket Books Inc, Presents Narrated by Ralph Bellamy POV along Americana residential street of two-story houses w/ fences; Doctor out to get into car; kids playing sandlot baseball on front lawn. Barber shop front. House w/ large porch. Boys playing basketball in gym. 17:57:46 Town library w/ students studying, young woman librarian. Bookshelves w/ signs on shelves. 17:58:35 Daniel Boone excerpt. Settlers across forested hills & sagebrush plain. Coonskin cap & Indian by water. 17:59:20 Oliver Twist excerpt. Boys say prayer of grace around table before eating; boy still hungry asks for more. 17:59:52 Africa Speaks excerpt. Lions, cameraman sets up, Black runs for rifles & lion catches him; assistant shoots various lions w/ pistol. 18:00:44 Boy w/ book fishing in stream at edge of woods. Thinking, staring into water. Montage: Steam boat, ocean liner, farmer into barn, Times Square, Wright Brothers plane, large military plane overhead, hand picking cotton, military cemetery, WWII army nurses & transfusion, Yalta w/ Stalin, Churchill & FDR. 18:01:58 Boy sitting on bed reading. Log cabin of farm behind bucking rail fence. Skyscrapers of NYC, kids play sandlot baseball, major league stadium, fishing boats, liner in Hudson River, blacksmith, steel mill w/ good lighting. 18:02:34 Boy on bed reading looks up & sighs. 18:02:46 Kids in new library. Boy returning books in old library & paying overdue fine. Talks w/ librarian about graduation & possible jobs; she shows him card catalog as place to start looking: medicine (doctors, labs); engineering, (quick shots of bridge, dam); other shown by stills. 18:05:01 Marquee of Loew’s 72 St w/ Delightfully Dangerous w/ Ralph Bellamy. CU Bellamy speaking to camera: “How much books meant to me...books open up a whole world of ideas...” The End. NOTE: Very good for Americana montages but shots very short to be used separately except to buikl montages. 1940s; WWII Homefront; Memory; Nostalgia; Movie Star; Reading; Education;

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