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News Highlights of 1965

Reel Number: 220919-20

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1965

Country: England,United Kingdom,USA,VIETNAM UNITED KINGDOM

Location: DC,London,New York City,NYC,Washington

TC Begins: 02:32:36

TC Ends: 02:38:24

Duration: 00:05:48

News Highlights of 1965 02:32:38: Inauguration of Lyndon B. Johnson as US President 02:33:05: US Civil Rights marches north and south; Martin Luther King 02:33:37: Martin Luther King at White House 02:34:00: Death of Winston Churchill; funeral at Westminster Abbey w/ Royal Family 02:34:19: Death of Stevenson 02:34:36: US flood and tornado damage 02:34:57: Pope Paul VI addresses UN General Assembly in French 02:35:40: Vietnam aerial and ground combat 02:36:27: NASA space flights. News Review

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