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News Parade of The Year 1943

Reel Number: 221307-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1943

Country: Argentina,Burma,Germany,Italy,Japan,Morocco,Russia,Ukraine,USA,USSR

Location: Atlantic,Buenos Aires,Casablanca,Moscow,Sicily,Toulon Pacific,Ukraine

TC Begins: 11:27:30

TC Ends: 11:40:42

Duration: 00:13:12

News Parade of The Year 1943 Castle Films Presents 11:27:47 Title: Battling The U-boats! Convoy. German film from submarine around ships, periscope thru water, view of torpedo fired, tanker hit. Captain on bridge w/ binoculars, U-boat surfacing, firing deck gun. View on ship in storm. Sub sinking tanker set afire. Allied ships firing depth charges & explosions. Submarine crew rescued as U-boat sinks. 11:29:23 Title: Tragedy At Toulon. French ships sunk, burning at dock. Ships: Strasbourg, Vautour name plates seen, another. Normandie liner underway; burning at dock & on side. Refloated in time-lapse & towed by many tugboats. 11:30:40 Title: MacArthur’s Smashing Offensive Aerial shot of fighter plane; strafing Jap freighter. Mac w/ four stars on leather jacket in MCU. Airmen board C-47, parachuting out; parachutes descending. Troops wading jungle water; on beach fighting. Fighter strafing jungle, CU of machine gunner firing over Japanese airfield. Men w/ spears past burning huts. Surrendering Japanese soldiers 11:33:11 Stilwell inspecting Burma troops; troops wade river, w/ raft & artillery. Fighting in jungle; wounded. Stilwell looking up. 11:33:55 Title: Argentina Revolts - army overthrows pro-Nazi government. People tip over buses & set afire, riot in square outside govt. buildings. 11:34:34 Title: Allies on the March Roosevelt reviewing troops; w/ Churchill at Casablanca Conference. Military conference w/ British. Tripoli, tanks advance; Germans surrender to Montgomery. Sicily falls to Allies. Burning ships, exploding munitions ship. Wreckage on deck of ship & removing wounded or dead. Advancing thru Italy, fighting. Artillery, tanks, GIs on road, thru city. Marching Japanese-Americans, 442nd. Firing mortars, burning oil. 11:37:32 US & British bomb Germany, planes low over English Channel; bomber shadow on ground. bombs dropping, smoking rising from low-level bombing. USSR drives Germany out of Ukraine. Fighting, rockets launched,machine guns, Germans killed. Burning tank. 11:39:44 Title: Soviets seal fate of Germans in Crimea. Capture POWs; Sec. Hull in Moscow, off plane w/ Harriman for tri-nation conference. Hand shaking. The End. WWII;

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