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Post-WWII - 1946, Germany, Occupied: Defeated People, A R2 of 2

Reel Number: 221365-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1946,1940s

Country: England,Germany,United Kingdom

Location: British Sector Berlin

TC Begins: 02:37:52

TC Ends: 02:46:10

Duration: 00:08:18

Post-WWII - 1946, Germany, British Occupied Zone of Berlin R2 of 2 Continued... British flag, tilt down to Military Judge & court officers w/ defendant. Ext. German police force w/ band playing. German policeman at intersection w/ British & training. British health service; refugees gathered; British health workers checking blood pressure, & lab tests. 02:39:00 Kids playing on rubble; farmers w/ horses. Kids playing on remains of artillery. German speaking (MOS), people watching & listening. People repairing building. Children in school class writing. Heavily damaged Reichstag. Krupp family portrait, painting. 02:40:44 Steel twisted in wreckage of factory building. Pan over. Prisoners of War, POWs, deloused w/ DDT. Men getting hands stamped. Demobilization of soldiers, interviewed. Stripped & checked for SS marking under left armpit. CU British soldier interviewing civilian man. 02:43:46 British soldier patrolling as people cross bridge; people into air raid shelters due to curfew. Women sitting on bunks, children sleeping. Shadows of girls circling hand in hand. 02:44:53 German Judges given oath of office; girls seen circling in garden sunshine. Monument w/ pictures of Big 3 at Potsdam: Churchill, Truman, Stalin. Large building flying British flag. British officer swearing in judges. The End. Post-WW2 German Occupation; Rebuilding; Berlin British Sector; Re-education: Occupied Germany;

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