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Post-WWII - England, 1945: Liberation Of The Channel Islands, Guernsey 09May45; King & Queen Arrive Jersey 07Jun45; Bridge-Carrying Churchill Tanks Assembled; Pacific: Landings On Borneo; London Welcomes Eisenhower

Reel Number: 300002

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945,1940s

Country: England,Guernsey,Jersey,United Kingdom

Location: channel islands,English Channel,guernsey,jersey,peter port,St

TC Begins: 01:00:06

TC Ends: 01:10:37

Duration: 00:10:31

Titles 00:00:23 Liberation of the Channel Islands (Arabic subtitles) 00:00:29 Royal Navy ships at sea going into St Peter’s Port harbor, Guernsey. LS of British warships. 00:00:37 Crowd waves from dock as British liberating troops approach on landing ship. 00:00:50 Surrendering German officer & soldiers march out of castle. German naval commander escorted to small boat. 00:01:01 LS of German soldiers sorting out guns & equipment from large pile of crates. 00:01:09 Union Jack hoisted on town square before crowd. British soldiers march through waving crowd. 00:01:22 High Angle / HA shot of British soldier kissing woman. 00:01:30 07Jun45 9?) King George VI and Queen Elizabeth with British officers on deck of ship upon visit, landing on Jersey from cruiser HMS Jamaica as waiting crowd waving from dock. King steps ashore. Royal motorcade w/ motorcycle escort past cheering crowds waving from either side of the road. 00:02:13 DC-3 engine starting. King and Queen w/ Royal flag board to fly to Guernsey. 00:02:22 Aerial view of Guernsey, glasshouses for fruit and vegetable forcing. 00:02:31 DC-3 landing. King and Queen walk along crowd. 3 young girls of Guernsey, Alderney & Sark hand Queen flowers & curtsey. 00:03:16 Title: Bridge-Carrying Tanks (Arabic subtitles) 00:03:21 Engine moved along workshop by chains. Churchill tank assembled. 00:03:30 Tank w/ crane contraption drives out of workshop. Tank locks crane on bridge, lifts it & sets it down on tank. Tank drives to ditch; sets bridge down over gap. Tanks drive across bridge & lifts it again. 00:04:58 Other tank deploys “scissors” bridge over large ditch. Tank drives across bridge. 00:05:29 Title: Pacific Landings on Borneo (Arabic subtitles) 00:05:34 LS of military trucks w/ palm trees in background. Australian troops drive trucks into landing craft in forward base on east coast of Borneo. Australians board ships. General Thomas Blamey reviews troops aboard ship. 00:06:02 Bombs loaded on B-24 Liberators; take off to drop bombs & leaflets ahead of landing party. B-24s fly over. Bomb drops from bomb-bay. AVs Tarakan under aerial & naval bombardment. 00:06:23 Ships at sea. Australian troops at briefing on ship, with contour maps. 00:06:38 Ships on fire at sea w/ smoke. Sound of guns firing. Troops on landing crafts. Troops landing, VO“Japanese retreat inland…but island cleared by the gallant and daring efforts of Australia’s fighting men”. 00:07:21 Title: London Welcomes Eisenhower (Arabic subtitles) 00:07:25 LS of US Army officers getting into car beside horse carriage. Crowd & British police in background. MS of Eisenhower getting into carriage w/ Air Marshal Tedder, thru streets to Guild Hall VO “to receive citizenship of the city”. Eisenhower gives V sign to crowd. 00:07:47 American flag (stars & stripes) flies over Guild Hall 00:07:54 Eisenhower receives sword of honour & Freedom of the City award from Lord Mayor. 00:08:10 Eisenhower waves to crowds from carriage 00:08:26 Eisenhower w/ Churchill & officials on balcony w/ UK & American flags. Eisenhower speech: “whether or not you know it, I am now a Londoner myself.” Crowd cheer. “I have just as much as right to be down in that ? as you have.” (mostly unintelligible) “The job that has been done, you people have done. You, you & the others like you in all the United Nations. A word of thanks for your hospitality for my soldiers who came to your country in great numbers to your very great inconvenience if not your patience. To every Londoner who has ever taken one of my soldiers into his home, I say you’ll always have my profound gratitude. You have done something in cementing bonds that must always remain between your country and mine & into which shall be brought Russian, France, China, all the other great countries that have helped to whip this Nazi and we hope will very quickly whip Japan.” Crowd cheers. 00:10:24 End titles.

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