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The Festival Of Britain

Reel Number: 220990-11

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1951

Country: England,United Kingdom

Location: London

TC Begins: 03:10:39

TC Ends: 03:15:58

Duration: 00:05:19

The Festival Of Britain VS crowds outside Buckingham Palace cheer as Household Cavalry lead procession out of gates; King George VI, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret in open-top carriage. Princess Elizabeth follows in open-top carriage w/ Duke of Edinburgh. MS young Prince Charles waves from wall of Clarence House w/ nannies and cousin Prince Richard of Gloucester. Procession approaches Temple Bar, crowds cheering, zoom in to carriage, King touches pearl-handled sword to gain permission to enter City of London. 03:12:17 Artillery pikemen take positions outside St. Paul’s Cathedral; various arrivals at cathedral inc. Winston Churchill and wife, Clementine, PM Attlee, Duchess of Kent w/ two children, Earl and Countess Mountbatten w/ daughter Pamela, and Queen Mary. AV Royal procession up Ludgate Hill; cavalry pass camera, dogs in road. AV and MS King and Queen w/ Princess Margaret out of carriage, greeted by Mayor, enter cathedral. AV soldiers hold back surging crowds. EXT pan down St. Paul’s facade. 03:13:54 King’s speech: “Two World Wars have brought us grievous loss of life and treasure...dark clouds still overhang the whole world, yet this is no time for despondency. I see this festival as a symbol of Britain’s abiding courage and vitality...I declare the Festival of Britain open” King appears frail / unwell. King, Queen and Princess into carriage; Beefeaters; carriages pass camera; AV procession departs. Royal family. Pomp and ceremony. 1951; Celebration;

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