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War Pictorial News (Quebec Conference; Invasion of Southern France & northward; Russian Battle)

Reel Number: 221547-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Canada,France,Italy,Russia,USSR

Location: Lyons,Marseilles,Naples,Provence,Quebec City

TC Begins: 13:12:54

TC Ends: 13:21:19

Duration: 00:08:25

War Pictorial News (Quebec Conference; Invasion of Southern France & northward; Russian Battle) 13:13:13 Title: Quebec. MacKenzie King; Winston Churchill; President Roosevelt & ?? w/ wives seated posing, Quebec Citadel at end of six-day conference. Newsreel cameras. 13:13:28 Night, receiving line w/ formal dress. MCU King & Eleanor Roosevelt shaking hands. 13:13:44 Churchill leaving, into convertible w/ MacKenzie King & leaving waving V symbol. 13:14:04 Title: France. Barrage balloons over long line of beached LSTs. 7th Army equipment on Naples docks. Aerial of troops on beach leaving; paratroops dropping. Day & night fighting in Provence. Tanks firing; explosions; POWs taken & marched along road. GOOD. 13:15:33 Cheering crowds during liberation of Marseilles. CU British soldiers & civilians, flags. Victory parade thru street. Cheering civilians. Underground marching; tanks; cheering crowds. Swish pan. GOOD. 13:16;54 Lyons & trucks, soldiers thru. Captured Nazi supporters & collaborators marched thru street; soldiers firing on German snipers in large hospital which catches fire; patients evacuated on stretchers. Building burning, soldiers on trucks shaking hands & greeted by crowds. 13:18:00 Title: Russia. Tanks past on dusty road, POV thru trees. Fighting & running w/ tanks into town, across river. Planes overhead. Pan of burning destroyed city from tall building. Men watch w/ binoculars. Burning city & houses, refugees running & saving belongings. German POWs. CUs women. Tanks & troops thru city. Artillery firing in thre streets, civilians running. Soviet cameraman filming. Dropping large swastikas from top of building. Russian civilians & soldiers smiling, waving. GOOD. The End. WWII Landings; WW2 Invasions; 1944; Victories; Victorious; Celebration; Newsreel; Allied Propaganda; Allies; Mediterranean;

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