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World Affairs - Churchill Addresses Delegates Forming Congress Of Europe (07May48)

Reel Number: 221347-18

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1948,1940s

Country: England,Holland,Netherlands,United Kingdom

Location: The Hague

TC Begins: 06:02:42

TC Ends: 06:04:28

Duration: 00:01:46

World Affairs - Churchill Addresses Delegates Forming Congress Of Europe. 07May48 Winston Churchill on stage shakes hands with others as people stand in front. Tilt down from upstairs showing delegates seated; large banner w/ “E” hanging on wall. 06:03:03 Churchill lighting cigar. 06:03:17 Churchill at microphone reading speech: “It must be all for all; Europe can only be united by the heartfelt wish & vehement expression of the great majority of all the peoples in all the parties in all the freedom loving countries no matter where they dwell...we can not aim at anything less than the union of Europe as a whole; & we look forward with confidence to the day that that union will be achieved.” Applause & standing ovation; he smiles & sits down. (sound usable). 06:04:01 LS of filled square. Churchill at mic, people in CU watching. Churchill gives victory sign from stand. (no usable sound on this final section). Post-WWII Conferences; Hague Congress; Diplomatic Alliances;

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