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World Struggles For Road To Peace (aka Highlights of 1951)

Reel Number: 221605-15

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1951

Country: England,Korea,United Kingdom,USA

Location: California,DC,Detroit,Kansas City,Michigan,Missouri,San Francisco,Washington

TC Begins: 19:31:56

TC Ends: 19:38:27

Duration: 00:06:31

World Struggles For Road To Peace (aka Highlights of 1951) 19:31:59 Artillery firing in Korean War; tanks firing near Kuhn Song (sp). Large explosion near highway. 19:32:09 Prisoners taken. MacArthur & other officers past. CU newspapers MAC Is Out. 19:32:22 Cu General Ridgway; row of bodies w/ CU tied hands. MPs, tents & US military peace delegation; North Koreans into tents. Seated w/ documents being signed. 19:33:09 LS delegates from 52 nations meet in San Francisco Opera House to sign treaty w/ Japan. Soviets walk out. Signing by Dean Acheson for U.S. Acheson shaking hands w/ Japanese. 19:33:37 General Eisenhower & other military officers inspecting Allied troops in Korea. 19:33:56 Capitol in winter re 82nd Congress meeting after election. Truman signing ?? 19:34:12 Missile on launcher raised, fired w/ booster rocket & seen in slow motion. 19:34:36 Map showing Iran; oiil refinery. Men turning valves on pipes. Street demonstration & tearing signs down. Enormous crowd on buildings, in street. Marchers w/ placards. People running in street seen from building roof. 19:35:05 CU Mosaddegh; Mosaddegh meeting w/ Security Council. 19:35:24 New United Nations Tower. 19:35:30 Title: Disasters. Overturned railroad engine; body n ground & rescue workers beside multiple cars still smoking. Pennsylvania passenger cars. 19:35:49 Flood w/ fast water thru city streets, thru cars & buildings. people walking thru knee deep water. Kansas City, Missouri & flooded cars beside warehouse; railroad freight cars. 19:36:11 Title: Probes. Ext. & int. of Kefauver crime hearings. Men taking notes. Mayor O’Dwyer at microphone. Committee room in Washington & CU of Frank Costello w/ cigarette. Committee. 19:36:50 Title: Politics. London voting, crowds in Trafalger Square. Churchill thru crowd. On steps of 10 Downing Street. 19:37:13 Senator Robert Taft before press announcing run for President. Governor Earl Warren announces. 19:37:32 Ext. Eisenhower campaign headquarters. 19:37:38 President Truman SOF: “One of the things I’ve been thinking about is next year’s election (laughter). I’m not going to make any announcement as to who the candidate is going to be.” 19:38:10 Crowd listening filling streets in Cadillac Square, Detroit. NOTE: Sound track is choppy - not useful. Cold War; Year Ender;

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