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WWII - 1940, England - Hore Belisha inspects Rural Defenses

Reel Number: 220597-13

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1940

Country: EnglandUNITED KINGDOM


TC Begins: 04:24:47

TC Ends: 04:33:55

Duration: 00:09:08

WWII - 1940, England - Hore Belisha inspects Rural Defenses Secretary of State for War arrives by car & inspects Home Guard ? Hore-Belisha w/ military officers including Scots Guard. Waterlogged countryside. Party walking across muddy field. Winston Churchill with army officers. Itore-Belidra ? 04:29:24 Staged - British troops going over the top from trenches at night. Troops in trenches up to ankles in mud. Soldiers run to gun emplacement - firing rifles. Field Gun / artillery, barrel raised but not fired. Troops run through trenches. 04:32:21 Line of armored personnel carriers thru village. Various shots groups of VIPs and officers. Anthony Eden jumping over muddy field - man in Fez negotiating mud. Duke of ? WW2 British Troops;

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