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WWII - 1943: Benes, Churchill Visit FDR; Logging; Airmail; Kaiser Steel Mill; Aleutians; China; Italy

Reel Number: 250087-16

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943

Country: Canada,China,Czechoslovakia,England,Italy,United Kingdom,USA

Location: ALASKA,Aleutians,British Columbia,California,DC,Naples,Washington

TC Begins: 04:59:09

TC Ends: 05:09:28

Duration: 00:10:19

WWII - 1943: Benes, Churchill Visit FDR; Logging; Airmail; Kaiser Steel Mill; Aleutians; China; Italy 04:59:37 Title: United Nations Leaders Confer With Roosevelt. Soldiers on White House lawn; President Benes of Czechoslovakia arrives w/ Secretary of State Hull, enters W.H. Shaking hands w/ President Roosevelt & daughter Anna. Cabinet members also in office greet Benes, sits talking w/ FDR. Sedan w/ Prime Minister Churchill arrives, poses in car w/ FDR. 05:00:54 Title: Canada Loggers Cut Spruce For Bombing Planes. LA of logger climbing large spruce tree for spar pole. Men w/ axes on springboards cutting British Columbia tree, sawing & falling trees in montage. Dumped into mill pond; women working w/ logs into mill & sawing planks, moving w/ overhead crane. 05:02:24 Title: U.S. Celebrates 25th Anniversary of First Airmail. Woodrow Wilson holding envelope, talks to pilot. Biplane takes off. Helicopter landing at Capitol building for airmail watched by spectators . Igor Sikorsky hands mail to pilot & helicopter lifts off. Arrives at National airport. Bags loaded onto DC-3. 05:04:00 Title: New Foundries Rush Steel For Weapons For War. LS as people in milll watch molten steel flow from open-hearth furnace into huge bucket in California mill. CU Henry J. Kaiser. Crane moves bucket of steel & pours into large molds. 05:04:43 Line of large tanks in storage field at tank depot; moving on ground. Railroad flatcars loaded w/ tanks past. 05:05:11 Title: Allies Lash Out At Axis Positions On Many Fronts. Aerial of ship in Aleutian islands. GIs in boats to shore in invasion practice. Planes thru clouds; men on ships, small boats to shore, landing & up shore on snow. 05:06:13 British twin-engine Boston Bomber / A-20 Havoc fighter plane taking off in New Guinea & Bullfighter twin-tail overhead. Aerial of Japanese airbase. Australian air force twin-engine bombers along coastline strafing, jungle strafed. Bomb explosions. 05:07:34 14th AF airmen assembled in front of several twin-engine bombers in China; General Claire Chennault receives second star; gives medal to Captain / pilot. Shakes hands w/ Chinese pilots. In Washington Gen. Chennault receives Mitchell trophy. CU. 05:08:26 Overhead of two B-17 Flying Fortress bombers, alongside. Bombs dropping over Italy island harbor & Naples, explosions. Planes above clouds. The End. WW2 Military Newsreel; Homefront; Industry; Fighting; Military Aviation;

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